About The Brand


Co-Owned by Texans, for Texans

Co-Owner Mark Martinez - Army Veteran (Current National Gaurd Reserves)

Co-Owner - Adriel Prieto

Texas Orgnls is a family owned business.  2 Cousins born and raised in the Texas Hill Country.

In January 2020, we decided to take the jump and create a brand that expressed the love we have for our home state of Texas.

Texans work hard. We also like to have a damn good time. Our clothing is designed for Texans whether you live in the city or country. We love to create unique designs with a bit of that western and outdoors styling.

When you rep any Texas Orgnls design, we want you to feel like part of the family. A family of Texans ready to have a good time, at all times. You don’t have to be a cowboy/cowgirl to fit in with us. We hope you rock Texas Orgnls whether you wear sneakers or boots. The only requirement is that you ride for Texas!





 Our Slogan here at Texas Orgnls is “A Good Ole’ Texas Time.” Thats what we are all about. No matter if you’re a city Texan or a country Texan... Texans are welcome all the same. But Having “A Good Ole’ Texas Time,” is mandatory. We raise our beer and hope to welcome you to the Texas Orgnls family!